Recreational Dance Programs

Our youngest dancers follow our structured program designed for early development of dance and movement. This Class is an introduction to all dance fundamentals including rhythm, expressiveness, creative movement, good posture, stretching, strengthening & the very basics of dance.

Our Acro classes combine acrobatics, tumbling, stretching and dance. Acro develops a sense of line, along with flexiblility and strength.

Classes emphasize the development of classical ballet skills with a emphasis on proper placement and alignment. Ballet promotes a sense of rhythm, musicality and expression. Technical, graceful and the base for all other forms of dance.

Dancers are taught the proper technique performing expressive & energetic movements. Classes include warm-up, isolations, progresssions & choreography. Classes consist of group & solo work promoting confidence & self-esteem while working with co-ordination and body movement.

A very high energy class that lets your feet play the music. Its lots of fun and teaches great timing, rhythm & co-ordination like no other dance style. Learn how to make all the sounds- using proper technique and an endless list of steps that are taught according to age and ability.

Hip hop culture started in the early 80's in the States with such elements as graffiti, mc'ing, dj'ing and breakdancing. Now hip hop is worldwide and is known as one of the most popular and influential youth cultures in the world. Come learn the dance that has amazed the world and learn confidence, positivity, and the limitless dynamics of the human body!

Contemporary Dance is a compilation of different dance techniques developed from Modern Dance. Students learn to use their bodies in a variety of ways, focus on breathing and mind-body connection.

Lyrical blends ballet and jazz styles. Lyrical dancers will learn to use movement to express emotions and interpret the music. Lyrical dances will often employ lyrics to serve as inspiration for movements and expression. Movements in lyrical dance are characterized by fluidity and grace, with the dancer flowing seamlessly from one move to another.

In this class, students will become familiar with basic bollywood moves, incorporating the full body, to tell the story of the song. Warm ups may include Bhangra and Hiphop-Fusion songs, exposing dancers to various sounds and expression. No previous experience necessary.

In this class, students will learn more complex body movements, coordination and rhythm, with a focus on facial expressions. Choreography may include Bhangra and basic Hip Hop, exposing dancers to a combination of movements and styles. No previous experience necessary.

Private & Semi Private Lessons are now available with TDS Faculty. Choose any dance style. Book times to suit your schedule. Private lessons focus on the unique needs of each Dancer, whether they are just starting out, getting caught up or need to be challenged with specialized lesson plans. Contact us to book your sessions.